We had a baby

west hampstead baby photography, all day every day

life savers

Her name's Petra. She's a London baby. She's pretty brilliant. Cheers, Queen Charlotte's + Chelsea Hospital. Expect lots more West Hampstead baby photography updates soon (we'll try not to post too much kiddo spam).

Family photography's always been something we've loved. In 2003, Rachel turned up in Los Angeles with a £10 film point-and-shoot and temporarily moved into to a Laurel Canyon attic room that overlooked the Hollywood sign. Hiding out in the hills at the light-filled house that her first LA friend, Michelle, shared with her

four superstar children was a pretty incredible start to documenting family life.

Visiting California transplants in New York led to shooting portraits of Brooklyn babe Clementine. Then Rachel's second LA friend, Mara, had baby Emerald and invited us round when she was just three days old, and so on and so on. But professionally we've been quite wedding focused so far. We're looking forward to shooting more family photography nowadays.