Ace Hotel Shoreditch wedding photography


Australian bride Tatum and English groom David brought their friends and family from all over the globe to the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, on one of the hottest days of all time. Our favourite things: Tatum's two-piece wedding dress (is "two-piece dress" an oxymoron?), the spectacular tropical flowers (to suit the perfectly tropical weather) and the caricatures of every single guest used as place cards. It was a pretty unbeatable place to be: the terrace is one of the best spots in London to loiter as the sun goes down on a heatwave day in the city, and the neighbourhood was perfect for a post-ceremony portrait stroll – we're not sure the semi-naked Shoreditch Sunbather gets that many opportunities to hit the pavement in his Speedo, but we were glad we were very glad we encountered him with the bride and entourage in tow.

It was our first time shooting at the Ace's Shoreditch outpost, after a billion years of hanging out at the Aces in DTLA and the desert, but I'd actually visited right after it opened in my guise as a travel editor, covering it for Mr & Mrs Smith. (Plus – and every wedding photographer will tell you how big of a deal this is – the Ace fed us one of the best shoot dinners of all time. It was seriously delicious, and v much appreciated, and this seems to happen every time we ever shoot at any Ace property. Thank you, Ace friends.)