Dos Pueblos Orchid Farm wedding photography


Welcome to one of our favourite weddings of all time. The fact that we loved Anna and Steve's wedding in Santa Barbara, California, so much is pretty amazing, considering I was massively with-child, we were horribly jetlagged and I spent the entire day convinced I had DVT from the flight (spoiler alert: I just had a normal old calf cramp).

Dos Pueblos Orchid Farm in Goleta immediately became our new most beloved Southern California wedding venue: I should definitely give it it's own standalone blog post at some point so I can bang on about all the ways in which it's a brilliant place to get married – clifftop sunsets! Train tracks! The world's most photogenic tree! Truly enormous pigs! – but for now I'll just tell you I'm in love with it and would like to go back regularly, please.

Anyway, Anna and Steve were wonderful, their friends and families were wonderful, the vendors and staff were wonderful, the tacos were wonderful, the dancing was wonderful, the bride's floral Claire Pettibone wedding dress AND disco jumpsuit were both wonderful, and so on. You get the idea. Top marks all round.

PS: Goleta is a really crazy place for one Essex girl (me) to run into a fellow Essex girl (an especially delightful wedding guest).

PPS: Bonus points to the bridesmaids for calling my Le Labo "that hot-girl perfume" (it's Santal 33 – yes, I am basic).