"thank you for getting some cracking shots of my bottom"


We get to shoot some remarkable weddings for really great people, many of whom write us truly brilliant love letters afterwards, but I think Charlotte gets the prize for the most stellar thank-you note of all, following her mid-pandemic Chelsea Town Hall microwedding to Tom:

"These are impossibly wonderful. I've done absolutely no work today, it's been a complete write off! I think my eyeballs have gone square from looking at the photos so much. We're really bowled over and we have no idea how we are ever going to choose what to print.

"I can't get over how beautiful, dreamy and clever they are. I think you must be a magician with light and shadow. I started trying to favourite a handful but I realised I'd ended up saving down pretty much the whole lot. You have the most extraordinary eye, I can't express how perfect these are to me.

"Even more importantly, I sent them to my Dad (in Australia) this morning and he says that they are marvellous - a real record of the circumstances and they tell the story of the day so much that he feels like he was there. That's honestly the one thing I could have hoped for. So thank you, truly, from the bottom of my heart.

"On a side note – thank you for also getting some cracking shots of my bottom! Everyone who's seen them has commented on this particular aspect.

"There is one shot that really resonates, number 0026. Is there a better photo of a Corona Bride out there? I don't think so. Absolutely insane – like something out of the Handmaid's Tale. I'm obsessed. I'm probably going to have to email you again a few more times because every time I look I find something else that I adore. So apologies in advance for that. We will 100% be getting our prints through you, I'd love to know which ones you think would look best on a large scale as well. Some of the more abstract shots are just gorgeous.

"Again – just thank you."