LGBTQ+ elopement in London


Stephanie and Anna invited me to our home from home, Marylebone Town Hall, to be part of their all-woman wedding team: two brides, their mothers, female registrars and me. There are few vibes better than the concentrated feminist-wedding energy of a woman documenting two women making a legal record of two women declaring their commitment and adoration, watched over by the two women who brought them into the world.

Plus, both Stephanie and Anna wore blue and I LOVE it when brides wear colours (wedding nails in J Hannah's Blue Nudes, anybody?), so the whole thing was gorgeously

delightful on a superficial level as well as deeply, deeply satisfying. (And then there's That Bow of shiny dreams…)

I don't believe in manifesting but if I did I'd be adorning my mirror with prints from this day and starting each morning standing there chanting "ALL-WOMAN WEDDINGS, ALL-WOMAN WEDDINGS" as my mantra.