A black-tie elopement IN MARYLEBONE


C and W's civil ceremony was the epitome of an elegant elopement. I met them both – separately – at the luxe Landmark London, and walked over with them each to the Marylebone Town Hall, parents in tow. After the short but lovely ceremony, they'd allowed plenty of time for us to stroll the leafy Marylebone Streets together: we took in my personal favourite (Chiltern Street) and then something new happened.

Now, I've shot more than 50 super-stylish weddings and black-tie elopements at Marylebone Town Hall, so it's not often that anything genuinely new occurs – it's always unique, of course, because every couple is different and the choice of picturesque sidestreets is near endless, but it's been a long time since anything happened for the first time.

We were passing by the courtyard gates of a grand mansion block and C and W paused to peep through the bars… and then a voice called out "Come in!"

We can't promise all future clients that they'll be invited into the edenic secret gardens of well-heeled Westminster residents on their wedding days with us… but when you're clad in black-tie finery anything's possible.