A rosewood london wedding PHOTOGRAPHED ON FILM + DIGITAL


One of London's most beautiful brides got ready for her wedding at one of London's most elegant hotels: Sara and James had a low-key morning on separate sides of their suite at the Rosewood. Sara had hands full of henna, layer upon layer of jewellery and some truly delicous perfume (Honey Oud by Floris); I had my bags packed with an assortment of odd little 35mm film cameras, from which you'll see a few scans amid the digital shots below.

The nearly-weds then descended the Rosewood's grand staircase one by one to meet for a first look in the ornate courtyard. We rarely get to shoot first looks in the UK, though they're entirely normal when we're back home in Los Angeles, so it's always a delight to make it happen in London, too.

Once reunited, Sara and James strolled out in their wedding finery to hail a taxi – the first one on the scene was bridal white! – and then we all took deep breaths together through the panic-inducing traffic all the way to the Old Marylebone Town Hall.

A quick dash up the steps, between the columns and inside, and they were married in the Mayfair room… before heading off in a white Rolls Royce Dawn (James' favourite car) to Mayfair itself. The wedding reception took place in the private dining room at Scott's, where the cake was a beauty, the glasses are exquisite and I learned that I could be obsessed with a floor – who knew?