modern rituals, everyday magic + something slightly sacred


roughshod through my sanity. Arranging precious talismans curated with care on the grand altar of a mantlepiece in the high-ceilinged hall of our rented flat on the edge of this island feels like it's important in a way I can't really understand but appreciate anyway. When we first moved here I walked down our block and to the sea daily with more reverence than I'd ever mustered for mass.

Those are just secret personal rituals, though. You have those, too, but you probably aren't hiring photographers to document them (we'd love it if you did, obviously). What you do want captured for perpetuity is you on your very best days, your life at Peak Special, the most ceremonial of your modern rituals. We're all for overthrowing tradition for tradition's sake, but replacing it with something novel is a good idea – new treasures, new secrets, new promises, new traditions. We can write our own myths. You get to make a ceremony all your own.

Yours is not your mother's wedding day: it's your everyday life, but elevated to something slightly sacred, in whichever way means most to you. Some of it will be meaningful because you chose it to be: the clothes you wear, the wine you drink, the words you say. And some will become accidentally meaningful in retrospect, perhaps without you even realising it's happened till a decade or two has gone by, when the only artefacts left from that day might be the photographs.