Rachel &

Destination wedding photographer | London + Los Angeles

Rachel Carr and Christopher Senteno were made in London and Los Angeles, and now divide their time between both sides of the Atlantic.

Carr & Senteno are an ex luxury travel editor and music photographer who've now been shooting weddings together for more than a decade. They first met in Los Angeles shooting music festivals, and then their friends started getting married…

Destination wedding photographer | London + Los Angeles
Destination wedding photographer | London + Los Angeles

When off duty, you'll find Rachel and Christopher marching across Hampstead Heath, strolling the Brighton promenade, finding weird treasures at the Rose Bowl flea market, researching Mexican-American family history (Christopher), plotting their next boutique hotel adventure (Rachel)… or just drinking far too much coffee and quoting Succession at each other.

Good beginnings

Carr and Senteno shot their first weddings in 2011, after years of photographing luxury hotels and desert festivals.

Their friends Sophia and Otto, a ceramicist and a filmmaker, were their very first clients. They didn’t want "wedding photographers" so they hired Rachel and Christopher instead (and Future Islands were the wedding band).

They've been shooting for artists, musicians, writers, designers, hotel lovers, jet setters and other creative, stylish, funny, brilliant people ever since.

Ten years later