We’ve been taking pictures of newborn babies, toddlers and children for years. At first we took photos of our friends’ kids. And then our friends’ friends’ kids. And then their friends’ kids, and so on. And then we had our own babies, Petra and Nico. For London family photography, Brighton newborn portraits, a Los Angeles maternity shoot or anything else we can make happen, drop us a line.

It’s really fun taking pictures of babies and children. When you’re photographing adults, our biggest challenge is getting them relaxed. Most of us feel awkward and unusual in front of the camera at first. Plus, grown ups have built up a lifetime of self-consciousness, which shows in pictures. But kiddos are usually free of our adult hang-ups.

Little ‘uns also haven’t learned that cultural expectation of posing and fake smiling. We’re not really into posing and fake smiling, (unless you’re going full ’80s) so we love that. Our top tip for really great family portraits is to let the kiddos be themselves, and don’t demand smiles. Just let the family dynamic speak for itself.

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why it matters


Now we have our own children, we know how quickly everything changes. Pregnancy feels like a lifetime till suddenly it's over. Tiny newborn babes turn into rampaging toddlers before you've had a chance to catch your breath. Every day they become a slightly different person, and you're left just as enthralled but missing the baby you were rocking five minutes/months/years ago. The only thing that stays the same is the pictures.

And what should you do with your family photos once we've taken them? We have thoughts on that, and they're all beautiful. Small fine-art prints, large archival-quality wall art, super-cool paperback photobooks, first-class luxury albums… don't let your family pictures languish on Instagram.

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