Hi, favourite florists, planners, venues, jewellers, dress makers, make-up artists and cake bakers! Would you like to use our pictures to show off your magnificent work? We’d love that too. Just get in touch and let us know what you need and how you’d like to use it – we’ll get you the right images files and the licence you need. Read on for your options.

(If our mutual clients have shared images with you, just ditch those and we’ll sort you out. Wedding photography copyright's a whole thing. Clients only have licences for personal use of the shots and can’t pass them on for anyone else to use… but sometimes they get overexcited and forget that.)

Licensing options

Owned social & your galleries

If you’re after shots to share on your own social media or in a blog post or gallery on your own site, email us and we’ll send over the images and your free commercial-social licence – you’ll just need to credit and link to us as follows:

On your website: Carr & Senteno

On Instagram: @carrandsenteno

(And we’d of course love to credit your work everywhere we can, too. If we’ve missed a mention, please do let us know.)



If the usage you’re planning isn’t covered above, it probably falls into this second category (brand images, advertising, paid social, press releases, anything printed, and so on). But that’s easy, too.

Let us know all the details – what, where, when, how often, what size, and so on – and we’ll figure out a custom licence for you.

(If you don’t get a licence, we have to charge you for unauthorised usage and everything gets awkward. It’s much easier to just get in touch in advance.)