You don't need a reason to book a portrait shoot. Engagement? Absolutely. Anniversary? Great idea. Adopting a kitten? Yes please (we've done a shoot to celebrate that before). Because it's Wednesday? Why not. The real reason behind all portrait shoots is to freeze time: it's you as you are right now, to last forever and ever.

Less philosophically, we love engagement shoots on a practical level, too. They're not as much of a thing in the UK yet, but they should be: they're brilliant practice for your wedding and a great way to get to know your photographers.

Scroll down for our portfolio, as well as some location inspiration for your London engagement photos, Brighton portraits, Los Angeles anniversary shoots or whatever else you're planning (plus some tips on where to go and what to wear, too).

Brighton anniversary photographer | J + J in Sussex | Engagement shoots
E & A's Los Angeles engagement shoot
Joshua Tree engagement shoot | California desert elopement photographer



• At home: our favourite shoots are at your HQ, where you're most comfortable and the surroundings best reflect your personalities

• Your local park: this is an easy one – a stroll through a green space is always a delight (for London engagement photos, Hampstead Heath's a great option)

• In the city: urban textures are deeply pleasing, from the red bricks of Mayfair to Shoreditch's street art

• In the garden: the greenhouses of Kew Gardens and mini rainforest of Huntington make first-class backdrops

• Road trip: if you fancy running off to the desert with us, we will almost definitely be very into it

The first rule of engagement shoots is: there are no rules. Wear what you like, and your photographers will make it work. But if you're in need of ideas, here you go…

• Go all out: formal wear in daytime, in public, is not for the faint-hearted. It's for the decidedly glamorous. If you're even the slightest bit glamour-curious, this is your chance

• Go chilled out: Stay home, stay in your PJs. Honestly, it'll look as great as it feels

• Wear your wedding gear: If you want to practice for your wedding day, you can't get better than donning your nuptial finery – it's much better to figure out you can't walk in those shoes before the day itself. Plus, you'll have the time and focus to get dream portraits without having to hurry to get back to the party

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