Resources for wedding photographers

Our favourite things

These are the things we use ourselves, from the entirely sensible – software and lenses – to the ridiculous, like half-broken toy 35mm cameras that take eight pictures at once. Below you'll find our favourite camera bags and everything in them, plus what's on our desk and bookmarked in our browsers.

Photography business software

Studio Ninja


Our crm, which handles all our enquiries jobs. it's our brains outside out bodies. use code BIUP5NH6C3A46N to save 20 per cent.

We deliver galleries to clients here, and offer fine-art albums, prints, etc, in our shop. use code 8PTBE9 for a free month.



The Archetype Process

Narrative Select

We use these super-duper accurate kodak portra emulation profiles to kickstart our edits in lightroom

Rachel reviews all our images personally, but this is the fastest way we've found to look through thousands at a time.



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Take it Easy (UK)

The lab where we send all our film in the UK

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Indie Film Lab (US)

The destination for all our film rolls in the us

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Carmencita (Spain)

this is where we send our film in europe

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Our first stop for buying film in the UK

Film Supply Club (US)

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our usual source for 35mm in the US