wedding photography gear guide

What's in our camera bags

Yes, this is a lot of kit. Yes, we frequently look like Dennis Hopper in Apocalypse Now. What we pack for each wedding varies quite a bit (every wedding's unique, and we shoot it accordingly) but our bags generally hold a selection of the below…

Canon 5d Mk IV x2

these are Our main digital bodies nowadays – quite an upgrade from my first non-film camera, the good ol' canon powershot

Back in the pre-mirrorless days, these were our workhorses. we're hanging on to them for now in case of calamity.

Canon 24mm 1.2 L

Canon 50mm 1.2 L

For dance floors, city scenes, landscapes and the like

If we could only use one lens for the rest of time, we'd probably go for this one

Canon 85mm 1.2 L

Canon 50mm 1.4 L

For when we both want to go 50mm and one of us has already grabbed the 1.2

This lens produces the most delicious images, when we can get enough distance

Canon 70–200mm 2.8 L

Canon 24–70mm 2.8 L

Our must-have for weddings with larger ceremony spaces, and festival stages

We usually save this one for music photography: it's our festival favourite

• Canon Eos 5

• Canon AE-1

• Pentacon Six TL

• Lomography Fisheye 2

• Lomography Actionsampler

• Lomography Supersampler

• Lomography Oktomat

• Lomography Diana Mini

• Kodak M35